Elkhart IN Homes for Sale - History

Elkhart IN History

Elkhart IN homes for sale continue to be in demand today. How the area got its name isn't exactly known, but there are two theories. Some claim the city's Island Park is shaped like an elk heart. Others believe the area was named for Shawnee Indian Chief Elkhart, cousin of the famous Chief Tecumseh and the father of Princess Mishawaka. Regardless of how the area got its name, one thing is clear. Elkhart IN homes for sale are surrounded by a deep and rich history.

Elkhart IN Homes For Sale: History Always Nearby

You'll find that many of the Elkhart IN homes for sale are probably near historic locations. Founded in the early 1800s as a rival town to the Village of Pulaski, Elkhart didn't really grow until the late 19th century and early 20th century. The railroad and Elkhart Hydraulic Company, which built the first hydroelectric dam across the St. Joseph River, contributed to the population growth. Not long after, manufacturing came to the area by way of musical industry factories. Around the time the World War II Elkhart experienced a boom in manufactured housing and became known as the ‘Trailer Capital of the World,’ a title it still holds today.

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